Pouch Laminators And Lamination Pouches

Pouch laminators are a very common type of laminating machine. They use a pouch which is sealed on the long or short side. You place your document inside the thin plastic pouch and run it through the laminator. The pouch has a heat-activated film inside which works to laminate the document as it passes through the laminator.

All the adhesive layers bond to each other, so if you laminate a document which is smaller than the laminate pouch, you can trim it down to size or use one laminate pouch to laminate several small items at once.

Pouch laminators are good for home or office use. They are not expensive but they do work well and give good results. If you plan to do a lot of lamination, however, you might prefer to look at roll laminators instead which do not use laminating pouches.

Lamination Pouches

The pouches come in varying thicknesses, measured in micrometers (MIC). Normal home laminating machines use eighty to two hundred and fifty MIC pouches, depending on the machine. Thicker pouches tend to be more expensive.

Some pouches, such as butterfly pouches, are used with a laminator to make ID cards. This type of pouch has a magnetic strip on it for security. Magnetic strips are used for authentication and information. Some laminators put holograms on to the card to show that it is original and real. There is no limit to the combination of magnetic strips and holograms that can be embedded on to a lamination pouch.

Laminating pouches come in different sizes, such as A2, A3 and A4 pouches. You can also get size 4×6 laminating pouches which are perfect for laminating photos or glossy prints, to protect them from moisture, color loss and creasing. You can get badge pouches which have rounded corners and come with carriers.

It is important to make sure your laminator can accommodate both the dimensions and the thickness of the laminating pouch you want to use. Remember that you can trim any excess material from the pouch before or after laminating.

Self-Laminating Pouches

You can get self-laminating A4 pouches for A4 documents, which work without a laminating machine. Self-laminating pouches are usually non-reflective and offer a matte finish. These pouches are good for making posters and signs. Self-laminating pouches work well if you only need to laminate the occasional document but if you want to laminate more often, it is quicker and easier to use a machine.

Retrievable Lamination Pouches

Retrievable pouches are also popular. With these, you can remove the laminated document safely and easily. This is a good idea if you are worried about ruining an important document if you accidentally use the wrong heat setting or if you do not feed the document into the machine properly. Retrievable pouches are also a good idea if you might want to remove the document, make changes to it and laminate it again.

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