Which Is The Best Laminator

There are many types of laminators available, including heater roller laminators, cold roller laminators, CD laminators, ID card laminators and more. Some of these are more suitable to homes and small offices and others are used for big companies. Laminators come in different sizes, ranging from a few inches across to several feet and different laminators offer different features.

How to Choose a Laminator

One of the most important considerations to bear in mind when choosing a laminator is which size you need. There is not much point in buying an A4 laminator if you have an A3 printer and might want to laminate A3 size documents. You can also laminate smaller documents with an A3 laminator. If you have a 36″ printer, you might want to get a 42″ laminator so you can laminate whatever you print.

Buying a slightly larger laminator is definitely more cost effective than saving a few dollars on a smaller one and having to buy a bigger one in a few months because it is too small. The best laminator is one which is versatile enough to laminate different document sizes.

What exactly are you planning to laminate? If you might need to laminate items which vary in rigidity or thickness, you should look for a higher specification model which can laminate five hundred micron pouches. This means you can laminate thick paper and cardboard with it as well as regular paper.

It is a good idea to get a laminator with a reverse function if you want the best laminating machine. This means that you can extract a film or pouch if the lamination goes wrong or if it gets stuck.

The Importance of Speed and Pressure

If you opt for a heated roller type laminator, speed is important because the film only heats up for a short time, when in contact with the rollers. If it runs too slowly, the film can overheat which will cause creases and waves. If it runs too fast, the glue will not melt and the laminating sheets or pouch will not stick.

Pressure is used to force the laminate on to the document and with the best laminators the speed and pressure used to laminate are perfectly balanced. Some of the best laminators offer different speeds and temperatures so you can match the speed and temperature to the lamination pouches and the item you want to laminate, for the best results.

3M Laminator

One of the most popular laminating systems is the 3M laminator. There are different models of 3M laminators so it is a good idea to compare the features of each one, to see which suits your needs best. 3M laminators are renowned for their ease of use and portability. You can laminate one or two sides with these laminating systems.

Take your time when looking for the best laminating machine. It is usually worth buying a laminator which offers all the options you might need, rather than getting a smaller model or one with very limited features, since you will only need to replace it with something better in a few months time.

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